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Wingsung 601

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Wingsung 601s have a classic design that harken back to the heydays of fountain pen innovation. This reissue of the same 1950s Wingsung pen features an updated vacumatic filling system, a hooded nib, an ink window and a brushed steel cap. 

The vacumatic filling system is simple to use and has a high capacity. Wingsung 601s have 2 versions of the vacumatic, the classic vacumatic and piston vacumatic system.

This product comes with an instruction manual.

Filling system explanation:

Vacumatic - uses a spring-loaded rubber diaphragm

Piston -  uses a spring-loaded piston seal

Technical Specifications

Colors: Black, Burgundy, Transparent, Turquoise

  • Weight: 15.0g
  • Closed length: 140mm
  • Unposted length: 135mm
  • Posted length: 150mm
  • Section diameter: 12mm

  • Nib: Steel, Rhodium, Fine
  • Filling System: Vacumatic, 1.8mL

  • Post: Posts
  • Cap: Slip cap