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Montblanc 146/149 Nib Removal Tool (1994-Now)

RM 120.00

DISCLAIMER: I can not be held responsible for the consequences of using this product. Please understand the method, limitations and precautions of using this product before purchasing.

Name: Montblanc Nib Remover

Models applicable: Montblanc 146 (1994-Now), Montblanc 149 (1994-Now)

Method: Insert teeth of pliers into the 2 notches seen near the nib, grip firmly and turn counterclockwise

This tool is suitable to remove and unscrew Montblanc 146/149 nibs from the barrel for servicing purposes. Take note that this tool is only usable for Montblanc 146 and Montblanc 149 pens dated 1994 and newer.