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Fuliwen 016

RM 109.00


The 016 is the flagship model of Fuliwen which are made from resins that have the cracked ice pattern. These pens have hexagonal (six sides) facets, metal screw threads on the section, and a decorated metal cap finial with their company logo. All these  features combined accentuate the chatoyance of the cracked ice resin and provide a nice contrast between the trims and resin material.

Each pen comes with a converter included.

Technical Specifications

Colors: Ink (black, white), Pure White, Rose (red, white)

  • Nib: Steel, Bicolor, Fine (0.5mm)
  • Filling System: Cartridge/Converter
  • Barrel material: Resin

  • Weight capped: 
  • Weight uncapped:
  • Closed length: 
  • Unposted length: 
  • Posted length: 
  • Section diameter: 

  • Post: Yes
  • Cap: Screw Cap
  • Clip: no clip, faceted (hexagonal)