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Extra Requests

Customers are free to add requests to their orders and Write Place will attempt to best accomplish and accommodate these requests. These requests include:

  • Testing pens (writing experience, filling mechanism, line size)
  • Testing inks (checking for water tightness)
  • Simple pen adjustments (smoothing, adjusting flow, aligning tines, etc.)
  • Excluding certain contents of a set (for customs purposes)
  • Shipping insurance
  • Declaration instructions of products
  • Using certain couriers
  • Et cetera

Please note that customers may be charged extra due to the nature of some requests such as using different couriers and shipping insurance.

On the other hand, some of these requests will require us to open the packaging of the product. Write Place will do their best to ensure product packaging is not harmed during these requests and inform if there is no way to ensure the packaging is intact.

Please note that Write Place cannot guarantee the fulfillment of requests and will only accept requests within Write Place's authority or capability. In addition, Write Place reserves the right to reject requests and to cancel ongoing requests.

Product Policy

All the products sold here are inspected briefly to ensure that they are in a presentable condition. This in no way implies or means that the product is guaranteed to meet a customer's expectation.

Write Place can not be held liable for any minor malfunctions caused to writing instruments which may have occurred due to transit. However, customers are welcome to engage with Write Place regarding product disputes.

Write Place can not be held liable for any permanent changes or damage resulting from the use or misuse of a product. It is up to the discretion of the customer to ensure that they use the products in its intended way.